Monday, July 18, 2011

Nebraska's Child Welfare System has Terrible Track Record!

This article should make Nebraskans who pride themselves in their conservative family centered values think twice about whether our state is as conservatives as it claims. Nebraska traps more children in foster care than almost any other state, holding them there at a rate roughly triple the national average. In 2009 Nebraska took away children at the second-highest rate in the country.

This is one more reason that I am concerned with the new truancy law that will classifies even a few school absences as a delinquent behavior and throws tens of thousand Nebraska families under the jurisdiction of HHS and Juvenile Justice just for managing their families as they judge to be responsible.

The more I delve into our state legislature on the truancy debate and juvenile justice reform and the more acquainted I become with lawmakers in our state the more convinced I have become that though we elect Republicans for President and Governor, legislation out of Lincoln is far more progressive then most Nebraskans realize.

Richard Wexler says that "no place has seen failure on the scale of Nebraska's" child welfare system. Our state government will continue to fail Nebraska families if citizens don't stand up and take their place as the second legislative house in our unicameral system and check the powers of the legislature. We have got to push for reforms to protect parental rights and the integrity of the family.

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