Monday, July 11, 2011

A War on Truancy or A War on Parenting?

“A war on truancy” sums up how a growing number of parents feel about this plan to define students who are absent as few as five times as suffering from “excessive absenteeism” regardless of their academic performance. How can any government official who values freedom and family feel good about classifying parents whose children are succeeding in school - despite unusual circumstances that create a lot of absences - as criminals?

The World Herald Head Line "A battle plan for 'war on truancy'" only underscores the combative approach our state is adopting to address a small percentage of truly at-risk youth. Instead the state seeks to blur the lines between education and law enforcement and define students as at-risk at a very early stage.

The A/B students and their families who were dragged into these diversion programs last year and have suffered the intrusive approach to increasing attendance in school have been reassured that the legislation is a work in progress. A callous response to families whose lives have been wrecked as Guinea pigs in this new plan.

With the passage of LB 463, it appears as though the dire consequences to families in our state will only increase in number.

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