Monday, August 1, 2011

"Plan to help truancy law work": Code for getting serious about enforcement!

I'll comment on this news spot in the words of a viewer who commented on the WOWT page: "If the kid makes up the work, and the absences are legitimate excused absences, the county court should keep their noses out of it." This story, like most of them, misrepresents the law and claims the plan is designed to "make the law work"...will it reduce absences? Absolutely. What good law-abiding Nebraskan parents would risk entanglement with social workers and “attendance navigators” to go to an out-of-town wedding?

Go to the WOWT page and weigh in on this discussion.

There were some great comments on this one. If we are going to be successful at pushing repeal of this law we are going to need these Nebraskans of like mind acting in mass when the time comes. Weigh in these discussions and encourage people to get evolved by following the issue here.

Jackie said: The schools say don't send your kid to school if they have a fever. Fevers can stick around for days. The schools say if your kid has been prescribed medication because they are sick, they have to be on it for 24 hours before they can return to school. If your kid has a cough, they can't attend school without a note from a doctor. Those days can really add up fast. They are so adamant about not wanting sick kids at school but yet if they miss so many days you get reported. But yet they WANT you to send your kids to school with head lice because they say it's not a health threat!! And they won't even send a note home saying head live has been found in your kid's class room!! I think the schools have their priorities wrong!!!

An anonymous viewer: Good thing they added in the vomiting children and the ones who have orthodontist appointments to the list of the unexcused so they'll have more parents to talk to. Wouldn't want the task force to have time to work with the kids who are actually truant.

Doug said: Oh wow, another thing the Learning Community and OPS can screw up. If they were doing their jobs in the first place there would not be a need for a law. What's next, passing a law that the kids have to do their homework.

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