Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School's a matter of quality, not quantity

A must read article from the North Platte Telegraph. Sage Merritt, the News Editor for the North Platte Telegraph, speaks out against Nebraska's new truancy law. She takes on the "trend of attributing academic problems to a lack of classroom time" and says, "this analysis suffers from the classic fallacy that correlation equals causation". Finally a voice in the press that takes the issue head on. Please emial her your thoughts and post them to the site.

The editor puts herself up as an excellent example of why it is foolish to put every student in the same box and say that every student should be in school everyday until they graduate. Sage is not a high school graduate. She says, "I left high school at 15, after my sophomore year at NPHS, because my parents and I (not the state) decided that my educational needs were best met elsewhere. That fall, I began an accelerated-learning program for gifted young women at a college in Virginia. I graduated four years later, at 19, with my bachelor’s degree in a double major — freeing me up for a head start in a career I love and have pursued for my entire adult life."

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