Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Young Family

My daughter is a 4.0 student. She studies and works very, very hard. She plays sports and has been battling some minor health problems. So we needed to go to the doctor one day after school, and one of the volleyball coaches told her she should not take time away from practice – she should try to get those appointments during the school day. So we did. Another day, she went to the nurse’s office at school because she has eczema and was itchy. The school nurse decided that we should see the doctor to get a note to prove this is not contagious. Out of school again we went again! All count as missed days. Hence we are at 11 days missed right now.

Why would we put this great student with so much potential on the “AT RISK OF DROPPING OUT” list? I am outraged!!!! Oh, and she had a toothache one day, so the dentist could only see her that Friday during the morning. Should we make her wait a week so the dentist can get her in after school hours? All these things quickly add up. My daughter is lucky enough to participate on a Club Volleyball team, which is a huge investment for my family financially, but the tournaments are held for High School girls across the nation, sometimes on Fridays & Mondays. Should l I tell her she is no longer allowed to pursue her volleyball goals - although she makes up all her work and excels as a student. Because some tunnel-vision person wants to control her life?

The Young Family
2010/2011 School Year

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