Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Open Letter

By: Rob Rohrbough

The idea that any documented absences count toward truancy is unconscionable and violates the definition of truancy. This issue is not about grades or performance or about societal responsibilities. The issue is about basic principles of government. I'll even argue that it is not about parental rights but about parental responsibilities - and what is not the government's responsibility.

Furthermore, it is a tax issue - a waste of our tax dollars paying for county attorneys to criminalize responsible parents. It even violates basic criminal rights - being presumed guilty (of what?) when the evidence supports good results and responsible decisions. I do not agree that we have to ferret out potential "violators" at the expense of clearly responsible parents.

This is intrusive and abusive. It as a step to tyranny from liberty - one of many.

My hat is off to Senator Fulton.  I easily could see the Orwellian nature of it long before he was quoted.  We need to repeal this horrid law.

Rob Rohrbough of Omaha, NE

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