Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Judiciary Committee will hear the three bills to fix Nebraska’s truancy law


Friday February 3rd starting @ 1:30 pm


The Nebraska Family Forum Supports the Fulton Bill, LB 1165, here's why:

  1. LB 1165 will put government back in its proper order. It is a strong, clear state truancy statute that designates appropriate control over attendance policy to school districts, and the communities who fund and govern them. 
  2. It allows authorities to reach truant students much earlier than they could under the old statute, by requiring students with unexcused absences to be referred to law enforcement much sooner. 
  3. It ensures that children with excused absences - including kids who are sick, spending quality time with a deployed parent, visiting a sick relative, traveling with family, and pursuing athletic and educational excellence - will never be punished under the law. 
  4. LB 1165 honors the rule of law upon which a civil society must be based. If this committee will pass Fulton’s bill you will have established a law that is just, known, and predictable; a law that places appropriate restraints on the politic and will prevent the arbitrary use and abuse of power. 
  5. LB 1165 removes the power of county attorney’s to get involved at any stage in the process to address “excessive absenteeism”. There is a clear point of legal intervention which provides essential protections to the innocent, but the bill does not cripple the ability of schools to expose educational neglect.

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