Monday, February 13, 2012

Lawmakers Hear Concerns Over Truancy Law - Video - KETV Omaha

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Lawmakers Hear Concerns Over Truancy Law - Video - KETV Omaha

We certainly don't have to go back to the way things were before the 2010 school attendance law to see that it is fixed going forward. Action 3 reports that Nebraska Truancy Law may have "worked too well", in the words of Sen. Brad Ashford. That is a crafty political take on it. The most solid fix for the law is the bill Sen. Tony Fulton introduced his bill, LB1165, to the Judiciary Committee today in Lincoln.

This bill is a strong, clear truancy statute that designates appropriate control over attendance policy to school districts, and the communities who fund and govern them. There is a clear point of legal intervention which provides essential protections to the innocent, but does not cripple the ability of schools to expose serious educational neglect. It empowers legal authorities to reach truant students early while ensuring that children with excused absences will never be punished under the law.

If the Fulton’s bill is adopted by Sen. Ashford he will have established a law that is just, known, and predictable; a law that places appropriate restraints on government and will prevent the arbitrary use and abuse of power.

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