Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Never, Never, Never Give UP" ~ Winston Chruchill

Many of you may be very discouraged by the advancement of Ashford's truancy bill because it still requires that students who miss 20 days for any reason still be referred to the county attorney.

I want to tell you a story. I tell you this story to help you understand that this is not the end of this process and that the very fact that some truancy bill came out of committee means that the conversation continues and that is a good thing.

The Story:

In 2011, LB 463 would have allowed schools to refer any student who missed 10 days to the GOALS team, even if those days were excused, and we worked very hard to have that changed so that those being referred to the GOALS team were only students with UNexcused absences. We testified at the committee hearing, but the bill moved on without that important change. We did not stop, and two days before its second floor vote Ashford added the change that ensured that only kids with unexcused absences would be referred to the GOALS team.

I tell you this story because LB 463 changed a great deal from the beginning to the end. Its final passage is what counts. Were we able to stop it all together? NO. But we made important changes that helped protect kids from even more government over-reach.

We are not done! This is not over, now the subject of "truancy" and changing the law continues for months while it is debated and amendments are offered and so on. There are still opportunities to get the fixes we're working for. So don't lose hope! Just keep working!

"Never, Never, Never Give Up" ~ Winston Chruchill

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