Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parents Fight Back

Action 3 news reporter, Sarah Te Slaa, quoted Douglas County Attorney, Don Kleine, who said that he has not - and will not - take families to court who have legitimate excuses. He said "NO sick children have been prosecuted" in Douglas County. Sarah Te Slaa reports that despite this assertion every student is "investigated" when they miss 20 days regardless of the reason. Gwenn Woomer Aspen, said that "Parents know what's right for their own children!" While it may be true that no families of sick kids have been convicted of truancy under the law, it is certainly untrue that these families have not been pursued by law enforcement. Send your feedback to Action 3 news at:

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  1. We agree that no sick children have been prosecuted. But they have been forced to report to the courthouse as if they've done something wrong (and changing the location of that appearance to some "diversion center" won't change the implications of it!) They've had to collect all their children's personal medical records for numerous government officials to scrutinize (you may need to consider the possibility of HIPAA violations here.) And other children, who were not ill but had other legitimate reasons for missing school, have been removed from the custody of their parents. All without a trial.

    And the fact that parents aren't being prosecuted is supposed to make them not fear this law?