Monday, February 6, 2012

Committee Hearing to Fix Truancy Law

You're Invited!!

Parents, students, and community leaders to share the personal impact of the 2010 truancy law with Judiciary Committee Monday.

The Committee will hear 3 bills to address significant problems arising from the law. The parents of children who have fallen victim to the broad parameters of the law plan a strong showing at the committee hearing Monday!

Lincoln, NE, February 13, 2012: Expect a packed house as parents, students, and community leaders to show support for the Fulton bill, LB1165 on Friday afternoon at 9:30am at the Capitol (Hearing Room 1113). LB1165 ensures that children with excused absences - including kids who are sick, spending quality time with a deployed parent, visiting a sick relative, traveling with family, and pursuing athletic and educational excellence - will never be punished under the law.

Despite the dozens of news stories, emails to the governor and other lawmakers, and the Nebraska Family Forum website that has documented the unacceptable consequences of the 2010 school attendance law, some key senators and state officials still believe there is little creditable evidence that families who are cooperative with their school districts and have children with legitimate absences are being affected by this law.

State officials continue to laud the success of the law based on a sharp increase in school attendance and believe that there is nothing wrong with putting thousands of innocent Nebraskan families under the jurisdiction of law enforcement in the pursuit of improved school attendance. In a fervent attempt to have their experiences heard and given priority in policy changes going forward, parents will offer themselves up as the evidence that the law is too broad and susceptible to abuse.

These families are compelling evidence to support the Fulton bill that will put government back in its proper order and strengthen the role that parents play in the local governance of their schools.

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