Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Letter to Gov. Heineman and Sen. Ashford

On Saturday, July 20, I sent the following e-mail to Governor Dave Heineman and Senator Brad Ashford, architects and staunch supporters of Nebraska’s “excessive absenteeism” law.

Gov. Heineman and Senator Ashford,

I am forwarding you a letter I sent this morning to Sen. Ken Schilz of Ogallala in regard to one of his young constituents.

This is how your "excessive absenteeism" law really works.  The Maynards' story is not an isolated incident; I have been wallowing in these stories of abuse and families' pleas for help for the past year, since I took over as director of the Nebraska Family Forum.

You both claim that this was never the intent of your law.  So my question is:  What are you going to do about it?

Brenda Vosik
Director, Nebraska Family Forum
The letter attached to the e-mail, addressed to the Maynards’ state senator Ken Schilz, detailed the outrageous charges filed against Lucas Maynard, a 12-year-old child whose only “crime” was staying home with his mother when he was sick.

Gov. Heineman and Sen. Ashford are both self-proclaimed supporters of families so I am certain they are appalled by the way their law is being abused.  My guess is that they will be spurred to action and rush to protect this young Nebraskan, perhaps even call the Deuel County Attorney and explain that their law was never meant to be used this way.

I’m expecting a response from both of them any minute, letting me know what action they’ve taken.  I will share those responses with the NFF membership as soon as I receive them.

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