Sunday, September 1, 2013

Letter to the Hastings Tribune from Hastings resident Bert Peterson


  1. In each horrible story I read about the abuse of this (non) truancy law, there's always something that jumps out at me as particularly nauseating. In this article about Hastings Public Schools, it's sick children being BRIBED with a TOY for not being sick that week. What are they thinking? Have school authorities become so consumed with little bottoms in seats, with standardized bubbles being filled in with #2 pencils, that they have completely lost their sense of humanity? Is THIS why they chose to become educators?

    The history of this law is outrage piled upon outrage. The unbelievable lack of compassion and outright stupidity of public officials is mind boggling.

  2. THIS LAW MUST BE REPEALED before more families become unjustly victimized and our children fearful of becoming sick or exploring personal interests or just growing up! Parents are in charge of making many important decisions, and these sorts of over-reaching laws violate human and civil rights.