Monday, September 2, 2013



Omaha Public Schools parents and students – NOW IS THE TIME for you to speak out about your district’s attendance policy, Nebraska’s “truancy” law, and how your family has been affected.

OPS has a new school board and a new superintendent. Some of those board members will be present at an ATTENDANCE WORKSHOP on Monday, September 9 at 4:00 PM at the TAC Building, 3215 Cuming Street. THEY ARE ASKING TO HEAR FROM YOU. They want to know what changes need to be made to the attendance policy so that all OPS families are treated fairly and are not unjustly entangled in the juvenile justice system.

For all of you who have asked the NFF over the past two years, “How can I help?” HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. Everyone is welcome, and we are hopeful parents and students will have a chance to speak about their concerns. If your child has been harmed by the overreaching attendance law, if you’ve fled OPS in order to protect your sick or special needs children, if you send your children to school sick or in fear of bullies, if you skip important family occasions such as wedding and funerals out of concern for being turned over to the county attorney, if your child is being “diverted” from an illness or otherwise legitimate absence, WE NEED YOU AT THIS MEETING ON SEPTEMBER 9.

Tell your friends and family to attend (especially OPS families). PLEASE attend even if you have not personally been affected yet, but feel that the law and the OPS attendance policy is an intrusion on parental rights or is unjust. It will be important for the board to see that there are a large number of parents that have a concern about the current policy.

This is a rare opportunity for the voice of the people to be heard! Please make it a priority on your calendar. *Please contact Brenda Vosik or Melanie Williams-Smotherman if you need transportation. We want to ensure that everyone who wants to attend will be able to make it.

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