Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 29th Press Conference a Success

Yesterday's press conference was certainly a success. All of the Omaha television stations were represented, as well as the Omaha World-Herald, Lincoln's Channel 8, the Daily Record, and U.N.O.'s KVNO Radio.

The members of the press were attentive and responsive as each family told their story. After the speakers concluded, there were many questions from the press. They were interested, and that was apparent.

Thank you to the brave people who told their stories publicly: Michelle Garrity, Antony Ward, Vaughn Crowell, and Gina Miller. Much thanks to Willie Hamilton of Black Men United for sharing his concerns about this law's effect on the African-American community. Representatives of The Heartland Workers Center could not attend, but they sent a statement expressing their concerns about the disproportionate effect the law is having on the Latino community.

And last but certainly not least, Mary Ann Borgeson, chair of the Douglas County Board. Mary Ann called this press conference and relayed families' concerns beautifully. Mary Ann speaks from her heart about the law's effects on the people of Nebraska, while Brad Ashford talks about the law's effects on numbers. Our children are not numbers or statistics or test scores or dollar signs, they are our precious children. Thank you, Mary Ann, for always remembering that, and for being a tireless champion for them. They are why we fight.

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  1. Heard a blurb for the story yesterday between NPR news sections, thanks Brenda, Mrs. Borgeson, and all who got it together for this!