Friday, November 1, 2013

Congrats to all in and working with the NFF who struggled so mightily to win some awareness on the evil being done by the excessive absenteeism law. I so appreciate everyone who has the courage to step forward and speak, and to bare the pain of reliving these horrific stories to help others understand the harm being done to our families in Nebraska. There was good media coverage recently, and if you want, you can read (and forward on) the story at

I would like to point out, however, Senator Ashford's response in this news piece: State Senator Brad Ashford sponsored the original truancy law and two amendments to it. He says there won't be changes to the law. "We are not going to repeal the law. The law has had a dramatically positive impact on young people throughout the state, in counties throughout the state. There are diversion programs in Hall County, Adams County, in Wahoo, Douglas County, in Sarpy County. There is a new awareness by school districts that there is a place to go if they can’t find a child."

What place is that, I wonder? Jail? The courthouse? I would like to know exactly what kind of law it is that stands against the will of the people. Or, could it just be that we have not protested enough? Made enough taxpayers aware of where their education dollars are being spent? Raised enough awareness? So please, keep the pressure on. Keep writing those letters and posting those stories. It's clear we still have a way to go to get this disgusting law repealed.


  1. I find it fascinating that Ashford says there won't be changes to the law. Does he believe he's king of the legislature? I have news for him. He is a servant of the people who elected him, and there are 48 other senators, all with a vote equal to his.

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