Saturday, February 8, 2014

"He Never Told Me Where I Would Be Taken": Jamison's Story

This is about the Nebraska truancy law and how I felt.

Dear Members of the judiciary committee

This is the way I felt:

My name is Jamison Hoyt, I was affected by this law at the age of 14 last year as an 8th grade student at Leyton Junior High.

A police officer came to my house and served me a summons at 9 oclock at night, for court.  The judge said that if I was found guilty, I could be taken out of my home.  And I felt this was unjust and harsh even though I had a doctor's note for every missed day.  When he gave me the papers I felt angry and mistreated.

When I went to court, I was told I could not miss more than 3 days, whether I was sick or not.  I was told I would be taken out of my home, but he never told me where I would be taken.

I think that this law should be repealed because it is not right to punish someone for being sick.  This should not be considered truancy.

Sincerely yours

Jamison Hoyt

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  1. i agree with you Jamison how are you to know when your going to be sick all it is that want everyone to know they are above the people and can do what ever they one thank god i don;t go to school now days. hang in there Jamison