Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Please Listen to the Kids"


I am writing you to let you know how this law has impacted me personally.   I have a chronic illness and have to miss school when I am sick.   I am constantly being bullied about being gone, not only by the students at my school, but by my school’s administration. I am an A student, I get the material that is being taught, and I get caught up if I have been gone. While at the same time there are kids that are at school every day and sit there and do nothing, they fail classes and don’t get any of the material being taught to them.  Yet, I am the one being threatened with referral to the county attorney.  I am being yelled at and threatened.

You say that you guys are doing what is best for the kids then why are we (the kids) terrified of you. Why are you threatening children to take them away from there families because they are sick. My little sister thinks it is wrong to be sick because she is going to get in trouble. This hasn’t affected just me, this has affected my little sister and that hurts me so much and I can’t do anything about it. Think about waking up every morning and not being able to control your own body, I feel trapped.  For 4 years now I have been fighting my own body. My little sister watches me hurt every day. My family is being torn apart because of this law. You can only be strong for so long and you can only keep quiet before the roar over powers you. The roar is over powering. This law has affected me so much it has taken away my childhood.  

If you don’t listen to our parents, PLEASE listen to the kids!  Please amend this law and return the decisions about absences to the parents, teachers and schools.  Please quit threatening and bullying kids with referral to law enforcement. 

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