Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The following post was written by Gina Miller, an OPS parent who is actively engaged with her children's schools and the Omaha Public School Board.  In spite of her ongoing communication with the board, Gina was one of thousands of parents and teachers who were completely blindsided by the board's vote last week to extend the school day, which takes already overstressed children away from their families, their rest, and their enriching activities for an even longer period of time.


It is time to have a discussion about national education movements that are sweeping the nation and having a direct effect on our children and families.

I am tired of our PUBLIC schools telling parents what is right for my child with NO input from the parent. I am tired of our individual school districts and states hopping on any National Ed Reform Bandwagon that comes along with little to NO research for its effectiveness. 

My long standing position has been that I am against an extended learning day and taking any more time away from my family and adding more to my already overstressed kids. I would have liked to have an opportunity to hear from OPS administration on why they feel this is necessary or a good idea. I may have changed my mind!

I have appreciated the other opportunities I have been given to give input and hear feedback and to make an informed decision. So now I will DEMAND to have my voice heard since they seem to have decided it was not necessary in the first place.

I feel the OPS board did a great disservice to its parents and its teachers by ramming an ill conceived plan to extend the learning day without ANY input from the community, the teachers or the parents! There have been many reports stating that an extended school day will not improve anything. AND LET ME BE CLEAR this is not an "Extended Learning day" (ie...add more recess, more breaks, etc....) this is adding MORE "INSTRUCTIONAL TIME," in some cases a whopping 2 minutes per class.

I will be using this forum to inform OPS parents of our rights and our obligations to be engaged. This was a single vote. It does not mean it is the final vote, and does not mean we have to lay down and take it.

I am asking you to join me to remind this administration that WE DO WANT A VOICE AND WE DEMAND OUR VOICES BE HEARD!

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