Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Harming Our Families: Five OPS Board Members Pass Extended School Day

Ignoring the pleas of tearful parents and the logic of experienced teachers, the following five Omaha Public School board members voted to extend the school day beginning this August:
Lou Ann Goding, Lacey Merica, Matt Scanlan, Katie Underwood and Yolanda Williams.

Three board members voted against extending the school day: Justin Wayne, Marian Fey, and Tony Vargas.

Teachers and some board members questioned exactly what learning gains would result from tacking on the equivalent of three to five minutes to each class period. One high school teacher stated: “...five more minutes per class period is not going to make a substantive difference. It might mean I get all the pencils back that I handed out at the beginning of class … but in terms of quality teaching, that five minutes is not really going to be used as extended teaching time.”

Several parents spoke against the proposal and explained how the extended school day would negatively impact their children and their family life.

Apparently the five school board members listed above aren't concerned that this change will have little to no effect on quality learning, but will have a significant negative effect on children and families. So why pass the proposal? Is it possible that Ms. Goding, Ms. Merica, Mr. Scanlan, Ms. Underwood, and Ms. Williams are being influenced by an agenda other than the well being of the children and families they were elected to serve?

Stay tuned, and don't forget to vote.

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