If you want to help there are many things you can do, below are the details of our current organization and plans, please take a few minutes to consider a part you can play in our efforts and let us know.

Our efforts are a truly organic grass roots movement and it takes the dedication of many working together to be successful. We will work to amend the law that threatens the integrity of Nebraska families through the organized efforts of citizens across the state. I know that sometimes it feels like only a few voices have very little effect, but a small group of passionate constituents can make a big difference in politics.

Please register as a core supporter of the NFF:

Email the information below to This form will help us in our efforts to organize based on legislative districts and school districts. If you don't know what district you are in or your state senator you can find out here:

Legislative District/Senator:_____________________________
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Other ways to help:

Whether or not you have school age children or whether or not you have your kids in public school this law is a serious threat to our society and is a huge power grab and waste of precious education dollars. It is in all of our interest to push back on this law to preserve freedom.

Many of the families who are now labeled as criminals and are being threatened with the removal of their kids from their homes are scared to take a public stand against this law. As you can imagine parents in this situation would do almost anything to keep their child in their home. This is why we need everyone’s help, we need each of you to get involved to protect and spare these families greater harm.

· Spread the Word to your friends and contacts (facebook, email, twitter, etc.); join us on facebook.

· Post your thoughts on the blog. This is where we will build a public presence on this issue. Media and Lawmakers are following our efforts at this blog (as well as the Millard Parent Society site) and the more participation we can get on that blog the more prominent this issue becomes in the minds of those with the power to change this law.

· We are continuing to collect stories about how families have been affected by the new truancy law, even if it merely the letters you've received and your feelings about that and where it could lead to; and how it affects the decisions you make. We will continue to build our collection throughout the year so that when we put forward repeal and revision of this law we will have a compelling case for why it needs to be done. Email them to Write them in a format that can be posted in a public forum. (Read stories already posted here)

For those who can devote a little more time to this effort and feel passionate about fighting back. We need help compiling core information on the implementation of the law that we can use to help push for the repeal and revision of the criminal statutes of the law. If you are willing to research or write contact us.


Guidelines for Writing State and Local Officials

Form letters are easy, but not effective. So instead of a form letter, I'm providing a list of the major problems with Nebraska's new truancy law and the GOALS Initiative for your reference. Feel free to include any or all of these points as you feel inclined, but put it in your own words.

Please talk to all of your neighbors and friends, encourage as many as you can to get involved with this issue. Please refer them to the blog if they would like to study the issue further. There is a great overview in the talking points post on this bill.

Here are some tips to follow in writing your email:

1. Include an identifier that lets the reader know right away what it’s about, such as “Please oppose the Memorandum of Understanding” or “Amend Nebraska's Truancy Law and restore parental authority” or “Major Problems with Nebraska's school attendance law and subsequent policies” or some variation thereof.

2. Copy your email to your own senator (find your senator here:

3. Begin with Dear, _____________, be sure to use their full name and title.

4. Include, “Please include this in the public record” if you would like for it to be included in the testimony for the hearing or official board meeting. It won’t be read aloud at the hearing; it will be included in each officials files so they will read it.

5. Keep it short, 1-2 paragraphs. They just need the major points of your concern.

6. If you have a personal story that illustrates why this is a problem, include a short telling of that story, about 500 or 600 words.

7. Include your name, address, and email address in your closing, as well as your phone number, if you like.