Our Cause

Nebraska Family Forum: What we Stand For

NFF Mission:

It is the Mission of the Nebraska Family Forum (NFF) to promote education policies in our state that preserve and protect parental authority and the integrity of the family. In so doing, we will preserve the cooperative and respectful relationship between school authorities and parents, preserve a family-centered community, and provide a well-rounded education for our kids.

NFF Guiding Principles:

We believe the family is the single most important element to a child’s ability to learn and be successful in school and life. For this reason, it’s imperative that the state honor the authority of parents as they exercise their rights, obligations, and responsibilities to raise, manage, direct, and educate their children.

We believe that the right of parents to raise their children without undue government interference is a fundamental liberty that has long been protected by the Constitution of the United States and is not void upon the enrollment of ones child in a public school.

We believe that the fundamental right of a parent does not cease to exist simply because a parent may fail to be a model parent. Parents often struggle to meet the needs of their children, but this is not in itself sufficient cause for government intrusion into family life.

We believe that it is essential to the cooperative and respectful relationship between school authorities and the parents and children they serve, that authorities honor a parent’s authority.

We believe that many aspects of our modern education trends systematically undermine parental authority, and will lead to an increase in the long-neglected social problems that lead to failure in school and life.

We believe that flexibility in education, school choice, stimulating curriculum, quality teachers, and innovative education reforms are essential to a family centered education.

We warn that governments who seek to micro-manage the everyday choices of parents in pursuit prescribed outcomes, will do great harm to the integrity of the family and by extension, the well-being of children and society as a whole.