Thursday, February 2, 2012

Community Voices: Mary

There are many key lawmakers who have expressed a belief that if innocent families are not prosecuted then there is nothing wrong with the way the law is written. They have said that they believe there must be county attorney oversight in all cases to verify if a child who is reported ill is actually ill. It is astonishing to me that they are so out of touch, that they can not perceive how this "oversight" is viewed by the innocent families who have to live under it. Short an to the point, Mary, is yet another mother of a child with special needs who understands that this law should never include sick kids.

My family was hauled into court because of Nebraska’s “truancy” law. With our attorney present we provided documentation to the county attorney of our child’s illness and they dropped the charges. Since then I have received another letter from the school, but it hasn’t gone any further because I provided a copy of a letter I had given to the county attorney from my child’s doctor. I believe this law is a horrible law because families like mine have enough to deal with without having to constantly worry about this law too.

Mary Colofiore

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