Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Smith Family

Mr Governor and Senators,

I wanted to write again and let you know how concerned I am over the new truancy law. You ask us to trust in Nebraska "common sense." I ask you to trust in parental "common sense".

I believe this law came about in an effort to get the funds President Obama attached to his education policies. No amount of money is worth putting parents and children under bondage to a law that is unfair and unjust.

I have a daughter who has had a myriad of health symptoms for years but no overall diagnosis yet. My pediatrician keeps telling me diseases progress over time (and she believes my daughter is developing a chronic inflamatory disease).

We have been to the pediatrician, the cardiologist, the rheumotologist, the gastroenterologist, the ENT, the opthomolgist, and the dermatologist. Right now she has been diagnosed with psoriasis. She is also experiencing chronic stomach pain and is undergoing treatment. Her symptoms and reactions to medicine have been unique and make things more difficult for the doctors.

She needs to undergo more testing this year. I am concerned for our family because she has already missed two days of school for being sick. (She gets sick more often and her sicknesses last longer than the average child)With the necessity of undergoing more testing and visiting more specialists, which in my experience is very difficult to schedule around school, she will most likely miss more days.

You say you're not going after families like mine, to trust in the government. If you give the power to go after families like mine, eventually that power will be used and in my opinion already has been. I worry that if we reach the 20 days, will I be told that she is not sick, but needs a phsych evaluation. Or that she is under too much stress at home because she has 4 siblings (even though she complains that homework cuts into her family time).

What will the state impose upon my family in the name of "helping us"? I am upset that I already have to worry about the number of days she's missing from school. I don't like getting the intimidating letter from the school telling me she's been "excessively absent". It's hard enough to fight for my daughter's health without the added stress of the "state" coming after me because my daughter is sick. Please take this to heart and remember Nebraska common sense. Trust in us the parents.

Kristen Smith
Concerned Mother and Citizen
Millard Public Schools
Omaha, NE
2011/2012 School Year

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