Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Lau Family

I feel this truancy bill, as it is written, is a huge waste of money that could be going to educate the students! I have 4 children in Millard Schools. Each of my children are straight A students (except for an occasional B). They have each recieved at least 2 letters about attendance. Just for my family that is 8 letters, with a cost of at least $4-8 dollars. Why should I feel like a bad parent for keeping my children home when they are sick, for doctor appointments, or family time (occasionally)?

I have talked to so many mothers who comment that the county attorney is coming after them because their child has been sick. So many illnesses require children to be home 4-5 days so they do not spread germs, and we should not have to incur the cost of doctor visit every time a child is sick. This law puts our children's health at risk because of the fear of prosecution.

Is this bill really meeting the needs of children it was designed for? Are these children coming to school more or getting the help they and their families need? It seems a worthy concern to help a certain group of students, but LB 800 has been poorly written and affects many students who are not at risk, and it costs a great deal of money that could be spent on truly "at-risk students."

The Lau Family
Millard Public Schools
Omaha, NE
2010/2011 School Year

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