Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Facebook Effect: Liz

I'm a single mom whose son gets great grades, and stays out of trouble. My son has missed days this year for reasons out of my control. In one case a student burst his eardrum while playing the "clap" game, so he missed a few days. The school has done nothing about this "clap" game! Then he got injured due to a teachers carelessness - leaving wood on the floor! He severely sprained his ankle and is in a cast and on crutches.These absence shouldn't count since it happened on their watch! This was not his doing. Everyday that should be excused is one day closer to him hitting the magic 20 days. Then what? I'm so scared I could be entangled with juvenile court and HHS. I'm a single mom doing her best! I have a wonderful son! I am terrified that I could lose my greatest gift! My son. I just don't understand. Why should these kinds of absences count as "truant" behavior?

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