Thursday, February 2, 2012

Donna's Story

My son has missed over 30 days of school this year with being diagnosed with Asthma, a broken foot , and several 2 day absences which we finally found out was a chronic gall bladder issue in which he had surgery and had to get it removed.

After his surgery I pushed him to go back too soon because I was afraid that too many missed days will result in my having to face a judge!!! I realized what this was doing to him and kept him a week out of school to recover, his health is more important than this state law so I am prepared to fight it when it comes my way, which will be soon as the school social service person has written me telling me she has sent us to the distrct attorneys office. 

My son holds an A to B average even with all the missed days, he is having a really BAD year, he is not being TRUANT.

The funny thing is, I watched the governor on channel 7 on sunday morning and he was asked about the law, he said it is not for medical cases or good kids. He doesn't seem to understand that even if it is not for the "good kids" we are still being scrutinized like the parents that dont care!! We still have to go through the same channels and prove ourselves to a court. This is unacceptable!!!


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