Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Facebook Effect: Anne

I will begin homeschooling my youngest daughter in Jan. because of this law. The decision to homeschool our youngest is a personal one and we will still have one in the high school who has mixed feelings on homeschooling hence I will not pull her. I am taking a chance that with 6 absences she wont be sick. I feel this law was poorly thought out and continue to write to Gov Heinemann about the implications of it and educate everyone I know on exactly what they can do when they become entrapped in the nightmare that so many have experienced. I will be downtown at the board meeting later this month and I am hoping and saying many prayers that we have support on the board . I have lived in Nebraska most of my life, except for my military service and I always thought Ne had a top rated educational system. In my eyes it has deteriorated so much that I feel if we don't stop and get it back on track then it will be lost . What a shame for all the kids in the state. And what's really sad is that all these kids pay the price because our elected officials who are in office to serve US are too busy chasing federal dollars to worry about what's right for the children and the state.

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