Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Community Voices: MommaGoat

MommaGoat said on: December 27, 2011, 10:52 am

I used to follow the illness guidelines to a T (since they make sense medically), until I started getting those three page letters. I still don't send the kids to school with a fever, but do send them back before they are 24 hours fever free. The first one I got was when my daughter had influenza B and then 6 days later got the H1N1 flu, she missed 10 days in one month. I just got another set for my son, one of the days he missed was the day before Thanksgiving and I sent a note but he gave it to his teachers, so he was "unexcused".

I called the registrar office and told them about the note, that we were traveling out of state, etc. The registrar said the note had to go to her. In the end she marked him truant for all classes because he didn't give the note to HER, even though I called. I am still trying to get that changed to parent approved absence.

My son is planning a military career and he doesn't want that truancy on his record. I don't know if it is just SWH, or if they are all control freaks - not even letting a parent excuse a kid for the day before Thanksgiving!

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