Friday, October 7, 2011

The Slingwine Family

We have not been pulled before a social worker or been sent a letter from the county attorney, yet, but I know it will happen. My husband and I took our 2 girls out of school for 6 days to attend a family wedding (destination) out of the country. This was a wedding that had been planned for 18 months, we wrote letters (not emails) to the schools to inform them of the dates and reasons why my girls would not be in school. I was following district policy. As I expected, when we returned home we had 2 letters from the girls schools informing us that even though they had "excused" absences that we would be referred to the county attorney at the 10 day mark.

This has resulted in many discussions in our home between the girls, my husband and I, into the probability of home-schooling. You see I recently went back to school after being a stay-at-home mom for 23 years. I was accepted into a Physical Therapy program and will graduate in approximately 20 months. As someone who will be looking for a job in the healthcare field, having a criminal record because I chose to take my children to their sisters wedding will result in my never being able to get a job in my field in ANY state since it will surely follow me. Not only would a criminal record prevent me from being employed, it would also prevent me from being a coach to my girls in any city league including the Y. Another one of the things I do because of MY children.

Everything I have done in my life since having children ( I have 4, my oldest 2 are in college) has been about whats best for MY children. I was a stay -at-home mom because my husband and I decided that was what was best for OUR children. I volunteered in the schools because of MY children. We took our kids out of the country for a family wedding because it was the best thing for OUR children. They learned so much in seeing a different part of the world then they would have seen in a classroom or by reading a textbook. They had a lesson on Geography, History, political climate in another country, zoology and even a lesson on the power of lobbyists in America and what happens here can effect another countries economy. 

Our kids have gone to Nebraska specifically Millard Public Schools for 14 years, but we are ready to homeschool because I can't afford to have a criminal record because I was only doing what was right for MY children.

Anne Slingwine
Millard Public Schools
Omaha, NE

I have tried to appeal to the Governors "common sense" that he talks so highly of, but I think I must have read the wrong definition. This law IS going after ALL parents, no matter the reason for the absence and I have trouble finding the common sense in that.

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  1. I received a similar letter last year. Apparently the school system didn't think the death of my wife was important enough for my daughter to miss so much school.