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Guidelines for Writing State and Local Officials

Form letters are easy, but not effective. So instead of a form letter, I'm providing a list of the major problems with Nebraska's new truancy law and the GOALS Initiative for your reference. Feel free to include any or all of these points as you feel inclined, but put it in your own words.

Please talk to all of your neighbors and friends, encourage as many as you can to get involved with this issue. Please refer them to the blog if they would like to study the issue further. There is a great overview in the talking points post on this law.

Here are some tips to follow in writing your email:

1. Include an identifier that lets the reader know right away what it’s about, such as “Please oppose the Memorandum of Understanding” or “Amend Nebraska's Truancy Law and restore parental authority” or “Major Problems with Nebraska's school attendance law and subsequent policies” or some variation thereof.

2. Copy your email to your own senator (find your senator here: http://nebraskalegislature.gov/senators/senator_list.php)

3. Begin with Dear, _____________, be sure to use their full name and title.

4. Include, “Please include this in the public record” if you would like for it to be included in the testimony for the hearing or official board meeting. It won’t be read aloud at the hearing; it will be included in each officials files so they will read it.

5. Keep it short, 1-2 paragraphs. They just need the major points of your concern.

6. If you have a personal story that illustrates why this is a problem, include a short telling of that story, about 500 or 600 words.

7. Include your name, address, and email address in your closing, as well as your phone number, if you like.


Governor Dave Heineman
Nebraska Legislature
Find Your Senator
State Department of Education


Sen. Abbie Cornett
Sen. Amanda McGill
Sen. Annette Dubas
Sen. Beau McCoy
Sen. Bill Avery
Sen. Bob Krist
Sen. Brad Ashford
Sen. Brenda Council
Sen. Burke Harr
Sen. Charlie Janssen
Sen. Chris Langemeir
Sen. Colby Coash
Sen. Danielle Conrad
Sen. Dave Bloomfield
Sen. Dave Pankonin
Sen. Deb Fischer
Sen. Dennis Utter
Sen. Galen Hadley
Sen. Greg Adams
Sen. Gwen Howard
Sen. Heath Mello
Sen. Jeremy Nordquist
Sen. Jim Smith
Sen. John Harms
Sen. John Nelson
Sen. John Wightman
Sen. Kate Sullivan
Sen. Kathy Campbell
Sen. Ken Haar
Sen. Ken Schilz
Sen. Lavon Heidemann
Sen. LeRoy Louden
Sen. Lydia Brasch
Sen. Mark Christensen
Sen. Mike Flood
Sen. Mike Gloor
Sen. Norman Wallman
Sen. Paul Schumacher
Sen. Pete Pirsch
Sen. Rich Pahls
Sen. Russ Karpisek
Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh
Sen. Scott Price
Sen. Steve Lathrop
Sen. Tanya Cook
Sen. Thomas Hansen
Sen. Tom Carlson
Sen. Tony Fulton
Sen. Tyson Larson

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