Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Grandmother's Wisdom

By: Linda, an Omaha Mother and Grandmother

I am not a medical professional, social worker, teacher but I am a mother of three grown sons. Our kids were in the public school and we homeschooled. Two of our sons now homeschool their children and one has his in the public system and this law certainly impacts his family. This is just one of so very many issues that impacts the family. It is overwhelming to see how quickly our rights and freedoms have been taken away and how easily Americans have let them go without a fight.

Just hearing the word 'truancy' makes me feel a little ill and takes me back to when we began homeschooling our children in the early 1980's. The state was fighting all homeschoolers by taking many to court and we had to fear going to jail.

While I do support the effort to revise the law I feel that even an amended truancy law goes to far. Since when did it become the governments job to educate my children and to criminalize me for keeping my children at home? To me the WHOLE law is a frightening government over reach. 

Should children get a good education? Absolutely, but should the government tell me how, when, where? No! The whole law is a slippery slope to government intrusion into all public, private and homeschool families. I understand that if a family has their children in a public system that there have to rules and regulations, but too many laws are taking away our rights and freedoms in the name of some 'common good'.

For now the home school battle has been won, but I in no way feel the war is over. I believe there is a battle that is still raging for the hearts and minds of our children. This battle is one of many in a war that is raging. It saddens me to see my children and grandchildren living in a world, that now more than ever, so openly accepts evil as good. I believe that the battle is a spiritual one.....a battle for the hearts, minds and souls of man. My hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ!

In the fight for the freedoms of families you have my support and prayers!

Linda Lehmer
Omaha Public Schools
Omaha, NE

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