Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Lampman Family

My name is Renee Lampman I have stage 4 lung cancer. I was diagnosed in September and we felt it was important to take the kids to Disney since I was given a short time to live. We could not take them over fall break because it conflicted with my chemo. We took them for 4 school days and I thought they were excused. Then my 7 year old Ryan, who is in 1st grade and does not even receive “grades” just S or NS, has had the flu multiple times this winter. One time he coughed until he vomited for three days. Another time he had a fever for three days.

We got a letter recently that he can’t miss any more days (he is at 10) without having a doctor’s note to reenter school. Well I refuse to get such a note. My children are on a health care policy with my husband that is not even close to the deductable to have these visits covered by insurance. I have started sending him sick if needed and will only let him be sent home by the nurse’s decision. I refuse to pay to get a doctor’s note. It is costly and insulting.

I should be trusted to know if my child is sick. Unless he is failing I should not have to justify his absences. As you can imagine I have enough stress with terminal cancer, 4 children and a full time job. This policy is an example of a blanket policy that causes problems for many unintentionally to police the few it is aimed at. Enough already!

The Lampman Family
Omaha Public Schools
Omaha, NE
2010/2011 School Year

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