Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Facebook Effect: Dawn

My daughter, who is an A+/A student, just had a Petition filed against her by the Sarpy County Attorney for missing 5 days this year (after missing 20 last year). Now I have to take her to court next month, which means more school missed for her and work for me. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? This law is absolutely ridiculous! There has to be a better way to go after the children who are truly truant!! I haven't heard from her court-appointed attorney, nor has she answered my email or phone call.

Dawn, your frustration with the process is shared by many who are currently experiencing the same thing. The law has sorted thousands through the system and the court appointed attorneys are swamped, even more than usual, which makes them pretty useless. Another parent I talked to a few days ago said they are on their 6th court date, their public defender has nothing, and they have spent countless hours and money compiling all their records and information to defend themselves.

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  1. Forgive my cynicism, but it sounds like the Nebraska juvenile justice system is running a racket. Bringing a straight-A student in to court for missing 5 days of school? Who does that benefit? Lawyers and judges.

    And six court dates, with no end in sight? If the county can't determine that you're worthy of prosecution, or of having your case dropped, after SIX court dates, what kind of incompetents are running this show? Or is the point something more than finding out whether someone is worthy of prosecution? Is the point, perhaps, to collect as much personal data on as many people as possible, including straight-A students? In any case, it sure creates a lot of work for lawyers and judges, while parents and children are missing work and school. Sounds an awful lot like a racket to me.