Sunday, February 26, 2012

Open Letter: Sherry Buhrmann

What happens when the GOALS Initiative of Douglas and Sarpy Counties, superintendents, county attorneys, sheriffs, police departments, and boards of commissioners sign their names to a MOU that affirms a belief that school attendance is the "SINGLE most important element to the student's ABILITY to learn and be successful in school and LIFE"?.... This is what happens:

The economics of the government of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sees You, the individual, who one time was a child of God with inalienable rights now as a commodity, as a “Unit”. You provide the government with taxes, use taxes, or are a combination of a user and a taker. You exist as a possession of the government. The State then determines who and what money is returned to the “Units.”

How does it feel to be owned?

How does it feel to be told what to do and when to do it?

How does it feel to be the taxpayer for the STATE?

How does it feel to be told you are not smart enough to think for yourself as you are the property and responsibility of the STATE?

I am angry! I have a desire to rebel and say, I am not going to pay your taxes, follow your rules and I will take care of myself and my family. But, that is not what civilized mature people do…. So, I am stuck with my anger.

I recognize the best solution is to hope that the elected officials will wake up and reduce government, stop trying to fix people, control people and return to the constitution and LIBERTY. Yet, there is little reason for me to believe this will happen as we all slide down the slippery slope of servitude.

If you think I’m nuts consider:

They determined that constitution guarantees you free education. That has evolved to the current Nebraska law stating that kids MUST attend school, or you will be in court if they miss over 20 days. Did you know? The Omaha Public School sends names of children and families to the County Attorney’s office once your child misses 10 days of school. This is their “Watch List!”

Even now the Douglas/Sarpy County Learning Community fueled by tax dollars from both Douglas and Sarpy County have decided that a school Social Worker will make home visits to identify "at-risk" factors in children's family homes. They will discuss any need of the child related to education. So, all areas of parenting are open to discussion, bed time, meal time, meal preparation, discipline, hygiene, medical needs, study habits, etc. The social worker will be the families touch stone to creating an educable child. Parents cannot be trusted to raise kids to be taxpayers.

I’m not fooled. Yes, they will profile children and families to be recipients of home visits. I believe that a large number of visits will go to homes of racial and cultural minorities. The fiscal costs of this will exceed the estimate and the costs will go up for the State. Your taxes will go up.

Once upon a time people had children for the joys of life, now government views individuals as a return on their investment. Voters are on the wrong road when they ask the State to be your caretaker. Government is “Big Brother”, an entity for the powerful to get more power by making you dependent. Please someone figure out how to stop government without riots, terror, threats, etc. Please!, before I lose self-control.

Sherry Buhrmann
Gretna, NE

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