Friday, January 27, 2012

The Volkmer Family

My 18 year old son goes to Syracuse Public School in Syracuse Ne. He has missed 57 periods - which in an 8 hour day is 7 days plus 1 hour. He has a stomach disorder which we have been working to diagnose and we finally saw a GI specialist last month. The school has turned him over to the county attorney for excessive absences! I am so upset over this!

All of my son's absences have been excused by the school, they are marked as medical, the day of his grandfather's funeral the records show it as an absence. The records do not show any unexcused, on all of these days I called the school letting them know what was going on. Only 4 of these days are "documented" in the sense that I have a doctors note, but I don't take him to the doctor every time he's sick it isn't necessary.

He missed one day when his grandfather passed away.

The school is aware of is stomach issues, the guidance counselor thinks he has nothing to worry about since he has his time made up. Syracuse school states you must make up any thing over 10 periods, he was over in 7th and 8 period with 11 absences as he will get sick at times after lunch. This is also the time of day he would get in to see the doctor which is in a different town .

I am so confused by this law that I had to get an attorney, I am a single parent on limited income so getting the attorney wiped out my savings. His absences are 7th & 8 period not the entire day! He has better grades then in the past several years and according to the guidance counselor less absences than last year when he was first afflicted with this stomach disorder. I know what to do! Our attorney has filed a denial to this court hearing. She is reading up on this as she is unfamiliar with this new truancy law too.

Vicki Volkmer

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