Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Community Voices: Cindyl

cindyl said on: December 27, 2011, 10:47 am

My grand daughter missed 20 days of school last year. She had a doctor's note for each time. She has a hole in her heart and she is very prone to infections. She had surgery x 8 and another one next year. We had to go to court in fear they would take her away.

My daughter is a single mother and does not have a lot of money, but got a lawyer she did not want to lose her daughter. We went to court three times, the first two time the judge came out and put off case for the next month. We spent all of 4 minutes each time. The third time We got to court and were told that the case was dropped. What a waste of money! There were 3 lawyers there two of whick tax payers paid for, two CPS there and lawyer for the state and the judge. What alot of money spent for nothing.

It is not a bad law but I think the law should be changed to not include students with doctor's notes for illness. My daughters are not sending thier children to school sick because of this law and more and more children will pick up illness at school.

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