Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Facebook Effect: Gina


So did you all see this story about these AMAZING young people who have been invited to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. These ladies will be representing Omaha and Nebraska. Only the top dancers and top dance studios in the entire country are invited to participate . I am sure the Governor is proud of them representing our state so well.

With that said, you will see during the video, that it is a requirement for the girls to be there a week early. They left yesterday and will be there through next weekend, THUS MISSING BEING IN SCHOOL! Better tell them not to go and to turn down this opportunity of a lifetime since they will not be "learning" since they are not physically IN school. Case Closed!


THIS is exactly the biggest reason that I am a member of this group! I had many of these kinds of experiences as a student and I want my own children to have the same kind of experiences. I hate the idea that I might have to tell my children "no" to a once in a lifetime opportunity just because the state thinks it's more important that my child be sitting in a sit, staring at a whiteboard.

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