Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Svoboda Family

I don't have time to write the details of my experience with this "truancy" law, but I can tell you that the stress and aggravation that the law caused us is substantial and these stories are not limited to the Omaha area. 

Our experienced occurred while we were in Ogallala when my grade school boy was having terrible problems with his ear infections and operations. We continued to have trouble this year while going to Lincoln High in which we told the school that the activity would be too strenuous and he would get ill and he did. 

Trying to deal with the schools in themselves and trying to get your child educated is enough stress for special needs parents without these letters from the county attorney. I had a feeling the school in Ogallala liked the feeling of power that the letter from the county attorney gave them.

Amy Svoboda
Lincoln, NE

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