Monday, November 11, 2013

The Russell Family: Parents can no longer parent their children

My daughter is a first grader in Omaha Public Schools.  She missed several days in a row.  I took her to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with the croup virus. This caused high fevers, sore throat, runny and plugged up nose. She would cough so hard she would vomit.  We had a very sick little girl.  If I have to rush her to the hospital, obviously it isn't a little cold.
Even though I had a doctor's note, the school sent a letter home with my daughter about her attendance. They wonder why parents take offense to this as I know when my daughter is sick. We also have to weigh out if there is a chance they can be sent home by the nurse, which also causes a problem.  I work in Papillion.  I can't just get off work any time I choose.
I can't help but feel angry when I received this letter.  Parents can no longer parent their children without everyone else involved.  So when she is sick again and has to go to the hospital at 6:30 am, I think I need to get ahold of the principal to go with me, then she needs to come to my house on Monday to decide if my daughter is well enough to go to school because obviously they think as parents we can't make the right decisions.
Normally with a virus they don't give medicine but she was given a medicine to drink which was a steroid.  I emailed the principal to tell her the days should have been excused.  Boy do I feel like I have no control of my own child.  I expect child support if she has another parent involved in decisions made for her.  I am sorry, but I am tempted to mail the letter back to her.  I am VERY MAD.
Tammy Russell, Omaha Public Schools

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  1. Courage Tammy! They did the same thing to my children, and I left. You'll find your own way, that's certain. But what you are mad about is absolutely right: it is now assumed, in Nebraska, that taking part in public education makes your children wards of the state, to punish, impugn, or bully in any way that suits it, to gain compliance. Not education, mind you, but compliance. This is, simply put, a communistic sort of ideology. I wonder why more conservatives aren't against it.